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Meet Marco

Domselaer founder and CEO Marco van de Klundert, previously led an exciting life as a lyrical tenor, mostly in renaissance, baroque and lied repertoire. Since that period Marco van de Klundert built an extensive network in the classical music field in- and outside The Netherlands.

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My Story

There hasn't been a single day in my life when I was not involved in music, whether as a listener, a pop and classical singer, a keyboard player, a strategic manager, a fundraiser, or a marketeer. Since 1999, my focus has been on classical music. I began my professional career as a lyrical tenor, performing as a soloist across Europe and as an ensemble member with the Egidius Kwartet, and as a choir singer with Huelgas Ensemble, Cappella Amsterdam, and the Netherlands Radio Choir. As my career progressed, my interest in the business side of the industry grew, fueled by my prior experience working in various companies - including as a business manager with Inter IKEA Systems - before embarking on my singing career. Over the years, I have cultivated an extensive network of top musicians and business leaders in the classical world throughout Europe.


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