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Meet Alyssa

Alyssa Huisman is our project and communications manager, dedicated to give our artists and customers all the support they need. With her vast experience in marketing, project management and the world of music, Alyssa will be happy to get in touch with you.

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My Story

After getting my degree in English literature, I began my professional career in project management at a telemarketing company. In the wonderful world of communication I learned many things about managing both projects and people. However, opportunities from the music world began to arise from all sides. A friend of mine and up and coming singer-songwriter asked me to design her merchandise, which is an ongoing project as she makes her way to the top. Meanwhile at my office job I became involved with my coworkers’ band, and soon I was a social media manager, a designer, a music video director, and even a stand-in keyboard and guitar player every now and then. And before you know it, I began working at Domselaer - an amazing opportunity for me to discover the world of classical music and combine this with my project management skills. 


Contact me with any questions you should have regarding our activities

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